School Package

We provide discounts to school students for which we have designed a special package for them which include waterpark fun,slides masti,refreshment and costumes.

Group Package

We provide group package for the peoples who want to enjoy our park's masti & fun alongwith their group.A special pakage is assigned for such peoples.

Picnic Package

We provide picnic packages for families who arrive our park for their picnic purposes.But this discount is very minimal as compared to other ones.

Corporate Package

Corporate people are the bussiest one.They get holidays very rarely.So,by respecting their dedication for their work we provide them special discount packages as this masti & fun doesn't hurt their pockets much.

Birthday & Marriage Package

As we have catering facilities along with resort n waterpark tht's so we provide birthday,party,ceremonies etc celebration assistance too.We make you specila moments more special by using our simple tips n tricks.Give us a chance to set a fantastic record of your events.